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    Measure, analyse, control

    The systems we supply are used at all stages in research, development and manufacturing

    Our systems enable you to measure, analyse and control a broad range of properties and characteristics across a wide range of sample types.

Fluid Imaging FlowCam 8100, Image Analyser

FlowCAM 8000

FlowCam 8000 Image Analyser – Self rinsing and cleaning, the FlowCAM 8000 has a quick connect flowcell enhancing its’ ease of use. The faster camera allows higher throughput of sample and its integrated pipette based sample port means that it can be used with an automated sample handler (FlowCAM ALH).

The new FlowCam 8000 particle imaging and analysis system features the most advanced camera with the fastest imaging speed and double the image capture area to increase throughput, increase detection rates, and reveal more images and data. Imaging at up to 120 frames per second, the new FlowCam 8100 automatically detects thousands of individual particles and microorganisms in seconds, takes a high-resolution, digital image of each one detected and measures them in real-time based on their actual size and shape, not by an inference of their size and shape. Sampling at up to 100% efficiency with limited sample volumes as small as 200µL, the company said, the FlowCam 8100 measures more than 30 different parameters from basic particle size, count and concentration to colour, grey scale and advanced morphological characteristics such as circularity, elongation and fibre curl.

It is ideal for detecting and analyzing protein aggregates, conducting stability studies and shelf life simulations, and for a variety of other R & D and quality control applications, the company said, noting that the FlowCam 8100 includes a computer-controlled syringe pump, quick-connect field of view (FOV) flow cell with holder, and integrated pipette-based sample port with automated rinsing and cleaning for fast, easy setup, operation and changeover. To further increase throughput, the FlowCam 8100 may be fitted with the companion ALH automated liquid handling system (optional), which automatically processes up to 96 samples per run without requiring human involvement or supervision for consistent, uninterrupted operation.

See What You’ve Been Missing.

Based on proven FlowCam DIPA technology, the new FlowCam 8000 represents the next-generation FlowCam platform. The key new features of this platform are:
  • AutoSampler compatible
  • Automated self-rinsing and cleaning
  • Faster camera (higher throughput)
  • Improved illumination
  • Interchangeable quick-connect flow cell holder
  • Integrated pipette-based sample port

The FlowCam® Difference:

  • Superior image quality = more accurate measurements
  • Higher sensitivity = detect more particles accurately
  • VisualSpreadsheet® software = intuitive, interactive sorting and filtering of particle images and data

Application Notes:

FlowCam – Printer Toner Application Note


We have a number of videos for the FlowCam here

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