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FlowCAM Range

Some models of FlowCAM are optimised for specific applications such as the FlowCAM Biologics which is ideally suited for the detection and measurement of protein aggregates and other particulates in biological applications, or the FlowCAM Macro which is designed for looking at larger particles (50µm up to 5000µm) such as manufactured beads, food stuff and chemicals.
Other FlowCAM models such as the FlowCAM 8100 can be used for a range of applications and general particle imaging and sizing and have the option of Fluorescence detection for work with fluorchomes.

In the News

Study by University of Alberta finds the FlowCam is a reliable and faster alternative to light microscopy for cyanobacterial bloom monitoring

Our Technologies include
  • FlowCam Macro – optimised for larger particles
  • FlowCam 8000 – general use FlowCAM with faster camera and auto clean/rinse
  • FlowCam Cyano – automatically identifies cyanobacteria from other algae and particles
  • FlowCam Nano – research and development tool for parenteral drug analysis
  • FlowCam 5000 – an affordable and streamlined flow imaging microscope