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FlowCam Nano Meritics Image Analysis

FlowCam Nano

Introducing the FlowCam Nano® by Fluid Imaging Technologies.
FlowCam Nano® provides counts, sizes and images of nano- and microparticles. This patented oil immersion, flow imaging technology complements our industry-leading imaging analysis system to provide you with the most comprehensive particle analysis research and development tool for parenteral drug analysis.
The new FlowCam Nano® can generate highly resolved image analysis of both nano and microparticles, allowing assessment of morphology for micron-sized and submicron particles. In addition, particle sizes and counts are obtained for particles as small as 0.3 microns. This capability is extremely useful.

Key features of the FlowCam Nano:

Image and analyse particles ranging in size from 300 nm to 30 µm
Obtain relative quantifications of intrinsic, extrinsic, and inherent particles in parenteral drugs
Use morphological data to identify the structure and nature of contaminants and improve product development

FlowCam Nano Specifications

Method: Oil immersion flow microscopy
Size Range: 300 nm to 10 μm
Minimum Sample Volume: 20 μl
Magnification & Flow Cell: 40X magnification with 50 μm flowcell
Numerical Aperture (NA): 1.4 NA
Camera’s Field of View: 150 μm height x 200 μm wide
Camera Frame Rate: Up to 120 frames per second
Focus Method: Manual
Flow Rate: 0.02 mL/minute
Image Format/Type: TIFF/ 8-bit Grayscale


The FlowCam Nano can be used for many different applications:
FlowCam Nano – Protein Therapeutics


We have a number of videos for the FlowCam here

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