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The importance of Multi-Flow Testing?


Revolution Multi-Flow Test Test Type: Instantaneous Dynamic Measures: Micro-Structure Powders can behave very differently depending on the amount of energy they are subjected to as they move through handling equipment. One powder may flow more evenly as it is subjected to more mechanical energy while another powder may become erratic. This behaviour can be studied […]

4 Applications of Enhanced Laser Diffraction Analysis


Particles diffract light through a specific angle depending upon their size, creating a diffraction pattern of light and dark circles. Measuring the intensity of light over a wide range of angles enables analysts to determine a particle size distribution. Laser diffraction analysis operates on this general principle. Gustav Mie’s theory of diffraction is used in […]

Characterisation of Membranes


Our porometers can be applied to the characterization of polymeric and ceramic membranes for micro and ultrafiltration applications with pore sizes ranging from 500 μm down to 2 nm. Flat sheet, tubular and hollow fibers can be measured by using an appropriate sample holder. Both POROLUX™ series and POROLIQ™ series are suitable for membrane characterization […]

Comparing FlowCam Results with Light Obscuration: A Study by Japan’s National Institute of Health Sciences

In their recent publication, Quantitative Evaluation of Insoluble Particulate Matters in Therapeutic Protein Injections Using Light Obscuration and Flow Imaging Methods, Shibata et. al. compare the ability of Light Obscuration and Flow Imaging to detect and accurately characterize subvisible particles in injectable drugs. The team at Japan’s National Institute of Health Sciences write the following: […]

Binding Interaction Studies Between Heparin and SARS-CoV-2 by Using P4SPR™


Introduction In search of therapeutic treatments that can inhibit the infection of SARS-CoV-2 viruses that cause COVID-19 in humans, heparin, as well as heparan sulphate (HS) and its derivatives, may be potential drug candidates due to their known binding interactions with surface viral proteins [1]. Furthermore, they are inexpensive and widely available. Heparin is a […]

FlowCam – Flow Imaging Microscopy (FIM) Guides Forced Degradation of Cell-based Medicinal Products (CBMP)


Cell-based medicinal products (CBMPs) offer promising opportunities for the treatment of diseases with previously limited or no therapeutic options. However, the complexity and intrinsically fragile nature of these CBMPs create significant challenges in formulation development, analytical characterization, manufacturing, and stability assessment. This recent study used a FlowCam, Flow Imaging Microscope (FIM) assisted by machine learning […]

FlowCam Nano Provides Counts, Sizes and Images of Nano- and Microparticles


Application to a therapeutic protein pumping study performed at Skagg School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Sub-visible particle characterization is a critical method for assessing drug substance and drug product quality and stability. In this study, we evaluated the capabilities of the new FlowCam Nano (which utilizes patented oil immersion flow microscopy), in conjunction with […]

Bioanalytical Protein-Protein Detection with the P4SPR

SPR platform based on ionic liquids for the detection of a breast cancer biomarker in cell lysates The detection of biomarkers in real biological samples poses a real challenge in medical diagnostics. Samples may be blood, serum, plasma, cell lysate, urine, and saliva; these biofluids contain numerous cellular components that are amenable to high biofouling […]

The Benefits of Flow Imaging Microscopy


The FlowCam flow imaging cytometer and particle analyser gives you more detailed, more accurate results than traditional volumetric techniques like flow cytometry, laser diffraction, and light obscuration. Most particle analysers and particle counters provide only a distribution of particle size. The FlowCam gives you over 40 different measurements for each particle, as quickly as the […]