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Particle Size Analysis and 3D Printing


Additive manufacturing of three-dimensional objects has existed in rudimentary forms for decades, but relatively recent advancements into 3D printing technologies have rapidly expanded its potential applications. The printing of simple structures from polymeric materials has been surpassed by bioprinting and lithographic manufacturing of ceramics. Complex structures and components are now widely produced and reproduced at […]

Particle Characterisation – History and Techniques


Introduction If you are new to particle characterisation the terms and descriptions can seem a bit alien. Here is a quick description of the various methods Meritics has; with a little bit of history thrown in. The effect of particles on a final property has been known for a long time, and the methods for […]

Spectradyne Awarded NSF Phase IIB Grant


TORRANCE, CA – Spectradyne is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a competitive SBIR Phase IIB grant from the National Science Foundation. The stated objective of the grant is to provide R&D funds to further accelerate commercialization of Spectradyne’s technology. The award extends the company’s ongoing SBIR Phase II grant entitled “A low-cost […]

Particle Shape Analysis with Dynamic Imaging


Particle analysis is concerned with measuring the same material of different sizes or the constituent parts of a sample. This requires different components to be measured and identified for characterisation; a process which is impossible with standard particle size analysers or particle counters. There are numerous measurement methodologies that fall under the overarching field of […]

Zeta Potential Analysis in Product Manufacturing


Colloidal systems are used ubiquitously in modern product manufacturing for both commercial and industrial sectors. These vary in complexity depending upon the end-product application and chemical composition of the solution. Simple colloids may comprise a single dispersive in a continuous phase dispersant media. More complicated formulations may display unstable interfaces between dispersive and continuous phases, […]

Pore Size Measurements for Powder Metallurgy Raw Materials


Pore size measurements must be conducted on the raw materials for powder metallurgy processes, to ensure that end-products yield desirable mechanical properties. The strength, weight, hardness, and permeability of metal alloys produced from powder minerals depends upon the porosity of the raw constituents. Powder Metallurgy and the Importance of Pore Size Measurements Powder metallurgy refers […]

Laboratory Services: Surface Area Analysis with Meritics


Surface area analysis is one of the leading particle measurement techniques for characterising the behaviour of solid samples. The surface area of a solid particle represents its primary interface with other media, including gaseous and liquid molecules. It is, therefore, a crucial parameter in the determination of a particle’s adsorption and dissolution characteristics. Typically, surface […]

BET Surface Area Analysis for Catalyst Analysis


Catalysis refers to the acceleration of a distinct chemical reaction using a catalytic agent. It has been an integral process in a range of industrial sectors for decades and is attracting interest from fields looking to reduce emissions and tackle issues pertaining to sustainability. The primary consumers of catalytic materials worldwide are chemical manufacturers, petrochemical […]

Sample Analysis: Particle Size Measurements with Meritics


Sample analysis can be a complex process that typically requires significant up-front investment and ongoing maintenance or calibration. It is an essential process for laboratories and commercial facilities that need products to be evaluated and characterised with regards to their particle characteristics, their fluidic properties, or their long-term stability in response to thermodynamic influences. This […]