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Spectradyne Awarded NSF Phase IIB Grant

TORRANCE, CA – Spectradyne is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a competitive SBIR Phase IIB grant from the National Science Foundation. The stated objective of the grant is to provide R&D funds to further accelerate commercialization of Spectradyne’s technology. The award extends the company’s ongoing SBIR Phase II grant entitled “A low-cost instrument for rapid sub-micron particle size and concentration measurement,” and is structured as a partial match to the company’s strong sales revenue resulting from prior SBIR-funded work.

Franklin Monzon, Chief Operating Officer at Spectradyne and Principle Investigator on the grant describes the project he designed: “The focus of this work will be to further improve the nCS1 user experience and to broaden the utility of the technology to new markets. The technical developments planned in this project will make the nCS1 even faster, even easier to use, and even more broadly impactful for pharmaceutical and other applications.”

“This award represents further validation of Spectradyne’s vision to become the next generation standard for nanoparticle analysis,” says Jean-Luc Fraikin, Spectradyne’s CEO. “The exciting new developments planned for this proposal build on feedback received from our existing customer base to strengthen our product offering in current markets and provide additional value to new application areas.” The grant will support efforts in four key development areas of Spectradyne’s technology: Instrumentation, cartridge, software and applications development.

“We are grateful for the outstanding support we’ve received from America’s Seed Fund, NSF’s SBIR program, since we launched Spectradyne,” says Jean-Luc. “SBIR funding gave us the critical support we needed to prove our ideas initially, and to develop those ideas into the successful products we sell today.”

About Spectradyne — Spectradyne’s mission is to improve the efficacy and safety of nanomaterials through better metrology. Spectradyne’s technology leverages microfluidics and advanced electrical sensing techniques to measure particle concentration and size with unprecedented accuracy, and requires only a tiny fraction of the sample needed by other methods.

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