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    Measure, analyse, control

    The systems we supply are used at all stages in research, development and manufacturing

    Our systems enable you to measure, analyse and control a broad range of properties and characteristics across a wide range of sample types.

Weekly Round-up 06/11/2020

Highlight On: Cordouan Technology Vasco – Nanoparticle Size Analyser

The VASCO nanoparticle size analyser is a unique instrument for nanoparticle suspension and colloidal characterization, based on the Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS).

Key benefits

  • High detection efficiency in opaque/dark media, as well as in diluted solution thanks to a DTC patented system
  • Extended sample concentration range (up to 40%*)
  • Reduce sample preparation (no filtration or dilution)
  • Polymodal and complex sample analysis
  • No consumables
  • Solvent-proof sample cell

* Depends on sample and VASCO model

Technologies & innovations

VASCO combines:

  • Unique embedded sample cell made of a silica prism and backscattered light detection
  • Dual Thickness Controller (DTC) : patented system allowing measurement of diluted sample as well as dark / concentrated ones, without dilution
  • Flusher to remove dust and bubbles
  • Advanced Padé Laplace algorithm

Main characteristics

  • Based on Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
  • Particle size (diameter) : 0,5 nm – 10 μm
  • Sample concentration : 0.1ppm – 40%w/v
  • Optical filter option to improve measurements on fluorescent samples
  • On-line sample cell option → size kinetics study
  • NanoQ proprietary software
  • Compliant with ISO 13 321 – Particle size analysis – Photon correlation Spectroscopy & ISO 22 412 – Particle size analysis – Dynamic Light Scattering

Powder trouble?

Do you have trouble with powders not flowing during processing? Then look no further. The EPT measures a material’s response to pressure by applying pressure to the material and then measuring its resulting strength.

Powder Tester Application

Particle Characterisation Solutions for 3D Printing Industry

3D printing started off as a novelty with very few industrial applications, but this is changing rapidly as the printers get better and faster. As the technology improves, more and more custom and complex parts are being made using 3D printing, as opposed to conventional methods because it’s cheaper and faster and produces higher-quality components. As this technology grows, so does the need for the materials used to be analysed. Owing to the long list of materials below, we have many different solutions for these materials such as Particle Counting, Particle Sizing, Powder Flow and Zeta Potential.

3D Print Solutions

Meritics Shape and Morphology Range

Analysing particle shape and morphology can provide significant insights into the characteristics of a material and its practical applications, as well as its genesis.

Shape & Morphology

Meritics Services:

Our in-house lab has the capability to characterise particles using a range of different techniques. Here is a focus on what we can do for you to analyse the size of your particles.

Particle Size Analysis