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    Measure, analyse, control

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  • First bubble point measurement only
  • Quick and easy determination of the first bubble point
  • For pore sizes down to 0.1 µm

Key Features of the POROLUX™ BP

The POROLUX™ BP is a first bubble point tester, used to measure the largest pore size – often referred to as ‘first bubble point (FBP)’ – in media that are used for filtration and separation applications.

Quick, accurate and reproducible results

TPOROLUX™ BP delivers quick and accurate results of the first bubble point in the pressure range from 0 bar (0 psi) up to 5 bar (75 psi) and detects pores from ca. 300 μm down to 0.13 μm.
Thanks to its simplified operation, the POROLUX™ BP provides highly reproducible results for both the calculated and measured first bubble point. This makes the POROLUX™ BP a clear choice for quality control and/or R&D in many companies producing filtration and separation media.

Full automatic detection of First Bubble point

The ASTM F-316-03 standard defines the FBP as ‘the pressure at which the first continuous stream of gas bubbles is detected’.
While this is based on visual detection, the POROLUX™ BP now offers a fully automated way to determine the first bubble point.

Detection of both measured and calculated first bubble point

The POROLUX™ BP can detect both the measured and calculated first bubble point.
It is evident that the measured FBP method generates highly reproducible measurements with correspondingly low scatter. The measured bubble point is typically very accurate. However, at high pressures, the measured FBP can be falsely created by turbulence. In this case, we advise using calculated FBP.
The instrument determines the first bubble point by using digital pressure and flow sensors. In this way, the chance of a human error or the subjective operator’s opinion is eliminated. This helps to standardize the filter media testing in terms of consistency and reliability.

Technical Specifications of the POROLUX™ BP

  • Measurement Mode
  • Max pressure
  • Min pore(1)
  • Max pore(1)
  • Max flow
  • First bubble point
  • Dimensions (DxWxH)
  • Weight
  • Bubble point only
  • 5 bar/75 psi
  • 0.13 µm
  • 300 µm
  • 150ml/min
  • Measured and calculated
  • 350x400x350 mm
  • 10 kg

Typical Applications for the POROLUX™ BP

The first bubble point is especially important in applications, such as in filtration, when certain solutes must be retained. The POROLUX™ BP offers quick, accurate and reproducible results on the measured and calculated first bubble point. This makes the instrument indispensable for quality control and/or R&D in many filtration and filtration media producing companies.