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  • We deliver measurable results


    We deliver measurable results

    We have selected the world’s best in class solutions for particle characterisation.

    We exclusively represent market leading global manufacturers of characterisation instrumentation

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  • We optimise the productivity and accuracy of critical information


    We optimise the productivity and accuracy of critical information

    Our comprehensive range of technologies means that we have a solution for your unique requirements.

    From R&D and product trial to full scale manufacturing and quality checks, our solutions help you to deliver the best possible result, every time.

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  • Our solutions and contract services support industrial and academic applications.


    Our solutions and contract services support industrial and academic applications.

    Delivering efficiency and cost savings, today and tomorrow.

    In addition to instrument sales we also provide laboratory and product services including: Contract analysis, Applications support, Service contracts, Field support & operator training and Instrument hire

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  • Research and Quality control is our business


    Research and Quality control is our business

    As Secretary of the RSC’s Particle Characterisation Interest Group, Brian Miller, Founding Managing Director has published more than 35 papers in the field and plays a key role in the dissemination of information that shapes the future of the industry.

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    Introducing Meritics – the particle characterisation specialists – leading UK supplier of particle size and characterisation instrumentation and laboratory services.

    Particle size and concentration, particle shape, zeta potential, powder flow and porosity are amongst the material properties that affect a wide range of research and products in both industry and academia, in sectors from pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals to bulk chemicals, cement, plastics and polymers. For researchers, engineers and scientists, precise, consistent measurements are a fundamental pillar of development work, quality improvement projects and process optimisation. Meritics are proud to provide these solutions to our valued customers. We understand the importance of accuracy and repeatability when generating information for critical applications. Our customers rely on us to provide robust, reliable equipment that is easy to commission and use. We work with our customers and partners to ensure that the instrumentation and services we provide are modular and scalable. Our solutions can adapt and evolve in line with your specific needs, both today and tomorrow.

    Reviews from our customers:

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  • January 2023 – Facebook

  • I have used this company through the laboratory I work for frequently. We specialise in soil analysis, and Meritics were chosen as they have extensive knowledge of the instruments we use. We have several laser particle diffraction analysers with a service contract, and service is always very prompt and meticulous. Meritics are always a pleasure to deal with, problems are dealt with quickly, and they are happy to share their experiences with the instruments and what works the best to keep them running reliably! Their staff have always been friendly and courteous any time I have been in contact with (usually a strange and unusual) issue. They will do their best to get a highly experienced engineer as quickly as possible (Usually within the same week or even the next day!)
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  • January 2023 –

  • Meritics have covered the annual servicing of our Multisizer 4e instrument since we purchased it from them just over two years ago.
    On both servicing occasions, the application scientist who performed the servicing was friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful, happily answering a barrage of questions about how best to use and maintain the instrument for our particular requirements.
    All my interactions with Meritics staff have been positive, and am happy to continue working with them.

    I would happily recommend them.
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


  • May 2022 – Google

  • We have worked with Meritics for a large number of years and always received a fantastic service. On our latest interaction they went out of their way to assist us at VERY short notice, even travelling the full length of the country the following day to enable us to continue our business critical activities. A credit to the service industry
  • “We solve our customers’ greatest challenges in terms of accuracy, repeatability and reliability.”

    Brian Miller, Managing Director
    Meet the team

    Meet the team

    Meritics is a privately owned business that supplies characterisation instrumentation and laboratory services.

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    If you don’t have a particle analyser, or perhaps your current particle characterisation capability is at capacity
    laboratory services

    If you don’t have a particle analyser, or perhaps your current particle characterisation capability is at capacity

    then why not use our Contract Particle Characterisation Laboratory to provide the sample analysis data you need?

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    Instrument hire
    instrument hire

    Instrument hire

    Hiring an instrument can help you through periods of high workload, provide useful data whilst you justify its acquisition or carry out a small research project.

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      Food & Beverage: Coffee

      The chemistry behind the nation’s favourite cup.

      Second only to oil, coffee is the most valuable legally traded commodity. In the UK, we now drink twice as much coffee as tea, with 2.1 billion cups consumed outside the home, according to research body NPD, April 2016.


      Pharmaceuticals: Tablet Manufacture

      We sell a range of instrumentation to the Pharmaceutical Industry; measuring particle size of the active and inactive ingredients to support absorbsion into the body, for manufacture we can measure caking and powderflow of the ingredients and offer a range of viscometers for liquid medications.

      Construction: Cement

      The glue behind almost every nation’s building and infrastructure.

      Cement is a binder, a substance used in construction, which sets, hardens and subsequently adheres to other materials, thus, binding them together.
      Compliance with building regulation and standards means raw material must meet an exacting performance criteria.


      Electronics: Printed Circuit Board Inks

      Anyone with an inkjet printer can produce working electrical circuits in the 60s it takes to print them, Georgia Tech, 2013

      Researchers from Georgia Tech, the University of Tokyo and Microsoft Research in the UK, have found a way to print PCBs on a normal ink-jet printer. Central to the process is a commercially-available silver nano-particle ink that can be injected into an empty ink cartridge.


      Chemical: Paint

      The answer to the perfect finish

      Paint is used across many manufacturing industries to protect, colour, or provide texture to objects. Our customers from the paint industry rely on our expertise in Powder Flow, Paricle Sizing, and many other techniques.


      Aerospace: Powder Metallurgy

      Advancing into space

      Powder Metallurgy is a continually and rapidly evolving technology embracing most metallic and alloy materials, which is proving very useful in the aerospace industry. Meritics can help with sizing the metal particles.


      Automotive: Powder Coating

      The perfect finish

      The automotive industry relies on the perfect finish to their products. To achieve this, the quality of the powder needs to be exact. Our pparticle analysis instruments can measure particle size and achieve an accurate particle count as well as meausring powder flow to ensure a consistent finish.

    • Food & Beverage: Coffee
    • Pharmaceuticals: Tablet Manufacture
    • Construction: Cement
    • Electronics: Printed Circuit Board Inks
    • Chemical: Paint
    • Aerospace: Powder Metallurgy
    • Automotive: Powder Coating