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  • Measure, analyse, control


    Measure, analyse, control

    The systems we supply are used at all stages in research, development and manufacturing

    Our systems enable you to measure, analyse and control a broad range of properties and characteristics across a wide range of sample types.

Academia: Marine Biology

Particle Analysis in Marine Biology

Particle Analysis in the Academia

Academia participates on large-scale collaborative R&D and innovative commercial and publicly-funded projects, amassing vast technical knowledge and know-how.

Universities not only carry out fundamental research, they are also at the centre of important skills provision, producing the engineers and managers of the future.

Universities also possess many of the best test and demonstration facilities available in the UK-important tools for fundamental research and vital in the development and de-risking of new technologies.

Meritics can offer a full range of instrumentation to purchase, plus aid in collaboration with short term projects, by offering short and long term leases with options to buy. Plus with a fully equipped laboratory and staff, we are able to offer a particle characterisation service, on a fee paying basis.

  • Collaborative research projects, with academic and industry partners provided by public funding.
  • Direct support for fundamental research, for example, within Centres of Excellence within the university campuses.
  • Knowledge gaps identified through engagement with industry
  • Supporting Knowledge exchanged by offering secondments into and out of universities and encouraging closer engagement between industry academic stakeholders.

Here is a selection of particle analysis instruments which can help the academic sector

Particle Size, Meritics Ltd, Beckman Coulter, LS 13320, LS13320 Beckman Coulter – LS 13 320 XR
  • Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analysis

  • Technology:
    Low angle forward light scattering with optional PIDS (Polarisation Intensity Differential Scattering) technology. Analysis of vertical and horizontal polarised light at six different angles using three additional wavelengths. Full implementation of both Fraunhofer and Mie Theories.
  • Particle Size Range:
    10nm – 3,050μm
    Dry Powder Module:400nm-3,500nm
    Universal Liquids Module: 10nm-2000μm
  • Power Consumption:
    ≤ 6 amps @ 90 – 125VAC
    ≤3 amps @ 220 – 240 VAC
  • Dimensions:
    10 in depth (25.4 cm)
    37 in width (93.98 cm)
    19.5 in height (49.53 cm)
  • Weight:
    52 lbs (23.5 kg)
  • Typical Analysis Time:
    15 – 19 sec
  • Temperature Range:
    10 – 40°C
  • Sample Modules:
    Tornado Dry Powder System (DPS)
    Universal Liquid Module (ULM)
  • Operating System:
    Windows 10

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Multisizer 4e, Beckman Coulter, Particle counting Beckman Coulter – Multisizer 4e
  • High resolution sizing, counting and size distribution of cells, particles or sub-visible particles
  • Technology:
  • The Coulter principle is used to detect particles via electrical zone sensing

  • Particle Size Range:
    0.2μm – 1600μm

  • Power Requirements:
    100 – 120 VAC ± 10%
    230 – 240 VAC ± 10%
  • Dimensions:
    24 in depth (61 cm)
    25 in width (64 cm)
    20 in height (51 cm)
  • Weight:
    99 lbs (45 kg)
  • Typical Analysis Time:
    10 – 90 sec
  • Temperature Range:
    5 – 40°C
  • Sample Modules:

  • Operating System:
    Windows 7, 8, 10

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