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  • Measure, analyse, control

    BIOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS // Technologies

    Measure, analyse, control

    The systems we supply are used at all stages in research, development and manufacturing

    Our systems enable you to measure, analyse and control a broad range of properties and characteristics across a wide range of sample types.

Biological Technologies: Search Results

Meritics Moxi Cell counting

Moxi GO II

Next Generation Coulter-Principle Flow Cytometer.

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Moxi Z Cell Counter

The Moxi Z mini automated cell counter with new OS 4.4 gives you accurate results you can count on.

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Meritics Ltd | Particle Size | Zeta Potential | Cordouan | AMERIGO

AMERIGO – Particle Size and Zeta Potential Analyser

AMERIGO is an innovative analyser for the characterisation of nanoparticle suspensions combining into the same instrument Particle Size and Zeta Potential measurements.

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VASCO KIN – In-Situ Nanoparticle Size Analyser

The VASCO KIN™ is a new generation of Time-Resolved instrument for accurate kinetic analyses combined with an in situ and contactless remote optical head. It a ...

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Nanoparticle size analyser - Meritics Ltd - VASCO

VASCO – Nanoparticle size analyser

The VASCO TM nanoparticle size analyser is a unique instrument for nanoparticle suspension and colloidal characterisation, based on the Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS).

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ELMO – Glow Discharge System for EM grids

Your TEM grids ready within seconds.

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