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    Measure, analyse, control

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nanoparticle size and concentration

Videodrop – Size and Concentration of Nanoparticles

Reveal the invisible

Characterize and count the living on a nanometer scale in a single drop and in real time

Based on the works of the Langevin Institute, a French academic laboratory specialized in optical and ultrasonic technologies for life sciences, the technology Videodrop relies on a single-arm interferometric technique. It makes it possible to visualize without labeling living nanoparticles such as viruses, phages, or extracellular vesicles. The process was developed by Professor Claude Boccara at the request of the Professor Martine Boccara, specialist in virology, who was looking for a quick method to list viruses present in seawater samples collected during the Tara Oceans expedition in 2013.

Applications of the Videodrop

Continuously monitor your viral vector solutions for gene and cell therapy. Lentiviruses, adenoviruses and many more.

Analyze complex mixtures of phages for applications in ecology and phagotherapy. T4, lambda and many more.

Extracellular vesicles
Distinguish the different types of EVs to vectorize, diagnose or treat, over a size range of 50 nm to 1 µm.

Record in real time every nano object in a drop. Nanoplastics, clays, fluorescent or luminescent nanoparticles.

Demonstration of the Videodrop

Measure in a single drop the concentration and the size of nanoparticles in less than one minute ? Let’s go…

Technology of the Videodrop

An ultra fast measurement thanks to 4 decisive advantages

Videodrop films in real time all the particle between 10 nm and 10µm in a drop. The compact device, assisted by a dedicated software, allows the manipulation to be very easy to perform. No labelling is necessary on the analysed sample. It is possible to work on un-purified solutions and on little volumes (5µL) with a concentration range of 10^8 to 1011 particles/ml.

  • Results in real time
  • Easy to use
  • No labelling
  • No purification

Three Easy Steps

Based on the principles of interferometry, the Videodrop allows to « see » nanometric particles in the range of 30-200 nm. The observation is done in 3 steps.


A solution of 5 to 10µL containing nanoparticles is placed on a microwell lighted by a simple LED, while an optic system, coupled to a camera, films their movements.

nanoparticle size and concentration


The resulting movie shows in real time the displacement of the nanoparticles. A tracking algorithm allows to follow the trajectory of the observed objects.

nanoparticle size and concentration videodrop


Thanks to its dedicated software, the calculation of speeds and distances of the trajectories enables to define the type, the size, and the number of observed elements. The result is displayed on the user’s interface almost instantly.

nanoparticle size and concentration

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