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Announcing the LS 13 320 XR Particle Size Analyser

A new particle size analyser by Beckman Coulter has released in the UK, with a dynamic range and improved resolution allowing for reproducible results of near unparalleled accuracy. The LS 13 320 XR is a laser diffraction particle size analyser with workflow optimised interface software capable of performing under high throughput conditions, offering extraordinary benefits to a potentially limitless range of markets.

Particle Size Analyzer

LS 13 320 XR Particle Size Analyser Instrumentation

With the LS 13 320 XR Particle Size Analyser, Beckman Coulter’s patented polarisation intensity differential scattering (PIDS) technology has been enhanced to an expanded dynamic range of 10 nm – 3,000 μm to provide vastly improved resolution for precise particle size analysis and characterisation down to the nanoscale. This enhanced technology is applied to low-angle light scattering technology, a combination which can provide real data, rather than extrapolated data, providing accurate assessment information for analysts to draw definitive measurement conclusions. This setup can analyse polarised light at six different angles with a diffraction 785nm laser diode, and a PIDS lamp with excellent band-pass filters allowing for three extra wavelengths of 475, 613, and 900nm.

It features a universal liquid module with a sample feed system for both suspensions and emulsions, and a patented Tornado Sampler module for dry analysis – both featuring simple loading hardware.

It comes equipped with robust software and an intuitive interface which boasts a mere three clicks or less from the beginning of sample measurement to the determination of results. This particle size analyser is equipped with an integrated optical constants database for exceptional correlations with historical data, and user diagnostics to streamline established processes and provide self-help solutions during typical sampling procedures. The LS 13 320 XR’s incredible usability is displayed by its intuitively functional software, providing an ease of access seldom seen with typical particle size analysers.

This innovative particle size analyser is fully RoHS compliant, with certifications including:
  • EU EMC Directive 2014/30/EU;
  • CISPR 11:2009/A1:2010;
  • Australia and New Zealand RCM Mark.

LS 13 320 XR Particle Size Analyser Applications

This new particle size analyser is simple to use, efficient throughout a range of sample analysis processes, and vastly more accurate than alternative instruments. With advanced automodality and more precise analysis of sub-µm particles, the LS 13 320 XR Particle Size Analyser offers benefits to an array of established processes, including: quality control; drug batch consistency; particle characterisation; control of manufacturing costs; and more. These procedures are of increasing important to pharmacological companies, cosmetics brands, agricultural researchers, and the food and drink sector.


Particle Size Analysers from Meritics

Meritics sources only the world’s best instrumentation for particle analysis and characterisation, marketing highly specialised equipment exclusively from market leading manufacturers.

The LS 13 320 XR Particle Size Analyser is our most robust piece of equipment to date, representing a combined commitment to excellent, efficiency, and transparency, with potentially limitless demonstrable benefits. If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.