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    Measure, analyse, control

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    Our systems enable you to measure, analyse and control a broad range of properties and characteristics across a wide range of sample types.

Particle Size, Meritics, MagnoMeter

MagnoMeter XRS – Dispersed Particle Size Analyser

Meritics are the proud distributors of the NEW MagnoMeter XRS.

Designed for the analysis of complex mixtures using a non-invasive technology focused on dispersed particle surface area analysis.

The analysis of mixtures of materials typically as colloids is difficult and historically mixtures are often defined by their ingredients as once mixed a straightforward analysis is difficult. It is especially important in new engineering materials for use as catalysts, batteries, ink jet printing etc. A key metric in any dispersion is the available wetted surface area, which depends on a variety of factors including: particle size/shape/morphology, surface chemistry and concentration and choice of solvent medium. Intimately related to this is the control of dispersion stability. Monitoring of these properties using a rapid, non-invasive, on-line technique has very clear advantages for product control. Mageleka has developed a new generation Magnometer which measures macroscopic relaxation properties which are sensitive to the various factors above. It also allows for monitoring of the state of a dispersion as well as measurement of diffusion in liquid systems.

Bound and unbound liquid molecules in a dispersion have very different mobilities, as seen in the video below. The interface is in the centre. This difference in mobility leads to very different NMR relaxation times, ranging from millseconds to seconds. Typically over a measurement, every solvent molecule will spend some time at a surface and some time in the bulk. What we measure therefore is an average relaxation time and this can be directly related to the available wetted surface area.

Magnometer XRS Applications

The MagnoMeter can be used for many different applications:
Magnometer – Sun cream Application Note

Bound and Unbound Liquid molecules

Bound and unbound liquid molecules in a dispersion have very different mobilities