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FlowCam – Flow Imaging Microscopy (FIM) Guides Forced Degradation of Cell-based Medicinal Products (CBMP)


Cell-based medicinal products (CBMPs) offer promising opportunities for the treatment of diseases with previously limited or no therapeutic options. However, the complexity and intrinsically fragile nature of these CBMPs create significant challenges in formulation development, analytical characterization, manufacturing, and stability assessment. This recent study used a FlowCam, Flow Imaging Microscope (FIM) assisted by machine learning […]

FlowCam Nano Provides Counts, Sizes and Images of Nano- and Microparticles


Application to a therapeutic protein pumping study performed at Skagg School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Sub-visible particle characterization is a critical method for assessing drug substance and drug product quality and stability. In this study, we evaluated the capabilities of the new FlowCam Nano (which utilizes patented oil immersion flow microscopy), in conjunction with […]

Bioanalytical Protein-Protein Detection with the P4SPR

SPR platform based on ionic liquids for the detection of a breast cancer biomarker in cell lysates The detection of biomarkers in real biological samples poses a real challenge in medical diagnostics. Samples may be blood, serum, plasma, cell lysate, urine, and saliva; these biofluids contain numerous cellular components that are amenable to high biofouling […]

The Benefits of Flow Imaging Microscopy


The FlowCam flow imaging cytometer and particle analyser gives you more detailed, more accurate results than traditional volumetric techniques like flow cytometry, laser diffraction, and light obscuration. Most particle analysers and particle counters provide only a distribution of particle size. The FlowCam gives you over 40 different measurements for each particle, as quickly as the […]

The Ground-breaking FlowCam+LO


Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies, discuss the importance of its newest FlowCam with a fully integrated light obscuration module. By combining industry-standard light obscuration technology required for USP compliance with digital images from proven Flow Imaging Microscopy (FIM) technology, the new FlowCam + LO will soon become the preferred instrument in biopharma labs worldwide. Measuring and […]

Myriade Videodrop available for UK Demo


Book your UK demo of the Myraide Videodrop Meritics are delighted to announce that we are now offering demonstrations of the Myriade Videodrop. Based on the principles of interferometry, the Videodrop makes it possible to visualize living nanoparticles in the range of 30 nm and 10 microns without labelling, in real time and in a […]

FlowCam Reveals Silicone Oil Droplets and Other Particulates in Intravitreal Injections (IVIs)


Silicone oil has long been used in the pharmaceutical industry as a lubricant for syringes. It serves to reduce the force necessary to depress the plunger, and can make procedures more comfortable and safer for the doctor and patient as it allows the needle to slide more easily through the eye wall. A recent paper […]

Weekly Round-up 06/11/2020


Highlight On: Cordouan Technology Vasco – Nanoparticle Size Analyser The VASCO nanoparticle size analyser is a unique instrument for nanoparticle suspension and colloidal characterization, based on the Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS). Key benefits High detection efficiency in opaque/dark media, as well as in diluted solution thanks to a DTC patented system Extended sample concentration range […]

Introducing the Moxi V


Gold Standard Cell Counts, Cell Size, and Viability​ The Moxi V™ provides a combination of volumetric cell sizing (Particle Sizer) with simultaneous fluorescence (Flow Cytometer) to provide the most accurate cell counts, size, and viability in the industry. Specifically, the Moxi V™ employs the Coulter Principle to precisely measure the volumetric particle size of each […]