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    Measure, analyse, control

    The systems we supply are used at all stages in research, development and manufacturing

    Our systems enable you to measure, analyse and control a broad range of properties and characteristics across a wide range of sample types.

Particle Counting and Sizing – Multisizer 4e

Discover the most versatile and accurate particle sizing and counting analyser on the market.

The Multisizer 4e particle sizer and counter is the most accurate and flexible particle characterization device available, boasting an unparalleled sizing range of 0.2 – 1600 μm. The new 10 μm Aperture allows users to study sub-cellular and micro-particles as small as 200 nm, while the advanced noise reduction system for small apertures improves measurement accuracy.

Generated data are processed using patented digital pulse processing technology and can be saved and later re-analyzed. This technology provides ultra high resolution and accuracy unattainable through any other technologies: detection of 1 particle in 1 ml of a sample with the optimal instrument configuration. Analysis results are not dependent on particle shape, structure, or optical properties.

It uses the Coulter principle to detect particles via electrical zone sensing, regardless of the particle’s nature or optical properties. This makes it an ideal tool for detecting and counting a wide variety of particles, such as:

  • Mammalian cells
  • Bacteria
  • Yeast
  • Abrasives
  • Toner particles
  • Cell aggregates
  • Spheroids
  • Large protein aggregates

The Coulter Principle (also known as Electrical Sensing Zone) is the leading technology in high resolution and accuracy and is enhanced even further in the Multisizer 4e by using Digital Pulse Processing technology which provides ultra-high resolution, multichannel analysis and accuracy that is unattainable by other technologies.

Unaffected by particle colour, shape, composition or refractive index, the Multisizer provides size distribution by number, volume and surface area with an overall sizing range of 0.2µm – 1600µm.

This product is the subject of ISO Standard (13319) and a number of ASTM methods for such diverse applications as toner powders and cellular analysis.

Applications include:

  • Marine Biology – Counting and sizing of phytoplankton, algae, diatoms and cyanobacteria. Differentiation of diploid and triploid
  • Cell Biology – Stem cells, red and white cells and platelets, adipose cells, mitochondria, plant cells
  • Microbiology – Bacteria, yeast, spores, amoeba
  • QC – Toners, abrasives, cosmetics, emulsions, beads, powders

Key Features:

  • Digital Pulse Processor (DPP)
  • Dynamic size measurements
  • Provides number, volume, mass and surface area size distributions in one measurement
  • Overall size range of 0.2µm – 1600µm
  • Not affected bu particle colour
  • Increased dynamic range
  • Increased resolution
  • Proven technology
  • Quality assurance friendly